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Ruby 5 mm Round Gems Pack of 2

Ruby 5 mm Round Gems Pack of 2

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Lab created Ruby, clear and vibrant color at a great price!

Ruby has been prized by royalty for thousands of years.

Ruby - Faceted Calibrated 5 mm Diameter Round Gems - Pack of 2

Size: calibrated 5 mm diameter, 3 mm depth

Lab-created with flame-fusion process, country of origin: Thailand

Explanation of types of 'real' rubies: Ruby is the bright red color gem of Corundum (Al2O3). There are two ways of building these gems in the laboratory. One is called flame-fusion and takes a few hours to grow a 'boule' similar to a stalagmite that can then be cut into gemstones. These gems do not have the same crystal structure of a mined gemstone, but are chemically identical and after careful cutting, quite beautiful. The second method is called 'flux-growth' and involves a 'pressure cooker' style laboratory process which encourages the growth of a crystal that is both chemically identical and has the same crystal structure as mined ruby. Flux-growth rubies take months to grow and are almost as expensive as mined rubies.

Some mined rubies are 'fissure-filled' with glass (a mahaleo ruby ). These hybrid gemstones are similar in cost to flame-fusion lab-created rubies.

All sellers should always tell you exactly what type of 'real' ruby you are buying.

Please note: all gems are shipped separately from Chicago and may arrive before the 'cast just for you' jewelry.