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Red Garnet 5 mm Round Gems Pack of 2

Red Garnet 5 mm Round Gems Pack of 2

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Natural, mined and untreated Red Garnet, clear and vibrant color at a great price!

We are lucky that beautiful Red Garnet happens so often in nature. Red Garnet has been used in jewelry for at least a thousand years. Celtic and Roman examples are in several museums.

Red Garnet - Faceted Calibrated 5 mm Diameter Round Gems - Pack of 2

Size: calibrated 5 mm diameter, 3 mm depth (because these gems are mined, the calibration is not as exact, and may vary from 4.8 mm to 5.2 mm in a given gem, the depth will also vary.)

All sellers should always tell you exactly what type of 'real' gem you are buying.

Please note: all gems are shipped separately from Chicago and may arrive before the 'cast just for you' jewelry.