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Cubic Zirconia - 5 mm Round Gems - Pack of 8

Cubic Zirconia - 5 mm Round Gems - Pack of 8

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Sparkle, Glitz, and Glamour at a very low price!

Cubic Zirconia - Faceted Calibrated 5 mm Diameter Round Gems - Pack of 8

Size: calibrated 5 mm diameter, 3 mm depth.

Cubic Zirconia is a man-made, lab created gem commonly used as a low-cost substitute for diamonds. It is cut with facets just like diamonds. CZ (it's nickname in the jewelry trade) has good light dispersion, fire and sparkle, and is hard enough for everyday jewelry. These are medium quality gems, clear and beautiful.

Please note: all gems are shipped separately from Chicago and may arrive before the 'cast just for you' jewelry.