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Cloisonne' Pendant Plumeria Fragipani White

Cloisonne' Pendant Plumeria Fragipani White

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One white, pink and yellow plumeria fragipani blossom on a sky and cascade blue background. The white is opalescent, less transparent than other colors. 

The photo is of the actual pendant that is for sale (CLO_0012_plumeria_fragipani_white).

Handmade by me in 2018, no two pendants are exactly the same. The pendant is made of pure copper and lead-free opalescent and transparent vitreous enamel over white 1010 undercoat enamel. The layers are built up into glass in several firings in a kiln at roughly 1400 to 1450 degrees. The back is plain white. The actual color may seem a little darker than the sunlit picture, when in the shade or inside. Because it is transparent glass, the color reflects the light it is in. Think stained glass.

This pendant is roughly 38 mm tall by 32 mm wide by 4.5 mm thick (1.5 in by 1.25 in by 0.18 in). The thickness is because it is domed to help in the enameling process. The metal thickness is 20 gauge ( 0.812 mm or 0.032 in ).

The pendant includes a simple silver bail wire, but does not include a chain or cord.