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Blue Sapphire 5 mm Round Gems Pack of 2

Blue Sapphire 5 mm Round Gems Pack of 2

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Lab created Blue Sapphire, clear and vibrant color at a great price! Blue Sapphire has been prized by royalty for hundreds of years.
Blue Sapphire - Faceted Calibrated 5 mm Diameter Round Gems - Pack of 2
Size: calibrated 5 mm diameter, 3 mm depth
Lab-created with flame-fusion process, country of origin: Thailand

Explanation of types of 'real' sapphires: Sapphire is often thought of as the bright or deep blue color gem of Corundum (Al2O3). There are two ways of building these gems in the laboratory. One is called flame-fusion and takes a few hours to grow a 'boule' similar to a stalagmite that can then be cut into gemstones. These gems do not have the same crystal structure of a mined gemstone, but are chemically identical and after careful cutting, quite beautiful. The second method is called 'flux-growth' and involves a 'pressure cooker' style laboratory process which encourages the growth of a crystal that is both chemically identical and has the same crystal structure as mined sapphires. Flux-growth sapphires take months to grow and are almost as expensive as mined sapphires.

Some mined sapphires are 'fissure-filled' with glass (a mahaleo sapphire ). These hybrid gemstones are similar in cost to flame-fusion lab-created sapphires.

All sellers should always tell you exactly what type of 'real' sapphire you are buying.

Please note: all gems are shipped separately from Chicago and may arrive before the 'cast just for you' jewelry.