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Free standard shipping within the USA 
How shipping works at
1. Everything ships from Chicago, Illinois USA and I personally pack and ship everything. A tracking number will be emailed to you. 
2. Any 'cast to order' items take at least a week to cast. The cast jewelry is sent to me, I inspect it, polish bits that may need it, and pack it. Please allow at least two months when ordering for a wedding or other specific date.
3. Your credit card address and shipping address must be the same for your first two orders. After the first two orders, and over 30 days after delivery of the second order, I will ship to a different USA address from your billing address (say for a gift) ONLY if the same email is on the new order as was on the first two orders. This protects both of us from credit card fraud.
4. Your credit card you use must have a billing address and shipping address in the USA. Sorry, but this is a banking limitation which I can not change. 
5. Whatever state and local taxes you paid at checkout will be sent to the appropriate state revenue office. Any sales taxes that were not collected at checkout are your responsibility. 

This is effective February 16, 2020. Until further notice I will not ship outside the USA.