FREE Shipping to USA and Canada, calculated shipping to all 19 Euro countries and 30 more


Hi, you may have noticed that there are two kinds of products offered at
1. In-stock in Chicago items: 10 Day from delivery to you, Unconditional Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee
things I have handmade (mostly cloisonne pendants) or purchased and have in stock (gems, etc.). 
I personally ship these items out to you within 2 working days
(i.e. if you order on Friday, your time, I will ship by Tuesday, Chicago Time). 
I control these, so my return policy is simple:
when you get your package if there is a problem
please email me at:
with a picture of the package and a picture of the item involved. 
Please email me within 1 week of package arrival. 
I want you to enjoy shopping here, so if there is a problem,
I will quickly work with you so that we both enjoy the experience. 
Joy and fun, that's what this store is supposed to provide. 

2. Designs that are cast just for you, after you order them. 
I designed these, but do not cast them, and do not control the fulfillment process.
The company that casts these pieces using my designs ( ) takes from two to four weeks
to do the casting and polishing.
Then they ship the items directly to you and email you the tracking number.
If you are in the USA, and chose "FREE Shipping" you should NOT be charged shipping, they should charge me, not you. If you in one of the other 39 countries we serve, shipping costs are calculated and reflect actual costs.
If you have any issue with any 'cast just for you' piece, 
please contact the Shapeways 24 hour customer service department:

Also, here is the casting house (shapeways) return policy:
I know how this looks, but they are a big company. 
They do have a reputation for good customer service, and good quality castings. 

Hopefully you won't need to know any of these details, and everything will flow smoothly.
Thank you for liking my designs, and for your business.
Best Wishes,