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Makers Fun

Jewelry Maker Fun Due to the coronavirus pandemic, timelines are extended (my studio is closed, so I can not finish any pieces). 
OK, this page is ONLY for people who make jewelry.
It is NOT about a profit-making opportunity.
It is about creative FUN.
Do you fondly remember your student days? or
Do you enjoy creative collaboration? or
Do you spend time in a studio with others just for the fun creative environment?
If so, here's my proposition...
You choose an image, flower, pastry, fruit, food, landscape, seascape, feeling, or concept...
Tell me your choice at
I make a 1.25 inch (31.8 mm) diameter (before forging into a slight dome) cloisonné enamel cabochon for you, or anything else that more closely matches your size of choice (eg. smaller drop earrings) or of an experimental nature.
It is made of either 20 gauge pure copper with fine silver cloisonné wires
or 20 gauge 0.925 silver with fine silver cloisonné wires,
or anything else of an experimental nature, choice is yours.
I send it to you for FREE within two months.
You send me a similarly sized piece of yours, in your media choice,
for the same image, flower, pastry, fruit, food, landscape, seascape, feeling, or concept,
also FREE within two months.
We BOTH use these components in a pendant, earrings, bracelet, or ring within a month.
We BOTH publish the collaborative result on Instagram #jewelryby2, #jewelrycollab, #jewelrycollaboration
I intend to give my finished product (including your component) to my family or friends.
You are free to use your finished product (including my component) for anything you like, including selling.

So, let's have some FUN, life is short, joy is important.
Best Wishes,