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Just to make more joy in the world through fun jewelry, NOT a big business, that's what is about.


If you do not have a discount code, follow me on instagram ( @lawrencekramer2014 ), or pinterest ( ) or connect on Linkedin (personal account: Lawrence Kramer in Chicago). I occasionally share discount codes. You will notice these are all personal things, NOT business or advertising things. That's because making and designing jewelry is something I love, a passion.

I have no employees, and about 300 people have my jewelry ( as of January 2020 ). I often make something because I like it, whether anyone else will, I do not know. 

If you are an artist, or a fellow jewelry designer or maker; I love to collaborate on pieces. If you are a wedding planner, bride, maid of honor, or groom, check out the existing brides and bridesmaids designs. If you want something you do not see, I sometimes do custom designs. Send me an email ( ), and maybe we can create something new.  

A cautionary note: I am old (started making jewelry in college in the early 1970s).   I recently had a heart attack. If you see something you like, buy it now. None of us live forever, and no one will be continuing this venture after I am gone. All of the enamel jewelry is handmade by me; no two are exactly the same. All of the rest of the jewelry here is designed by me, and cast by a professional metal casting service. A given design in a given metal should be exactly the same every time they cast it using my 3D model instruction file.

Please browse, enjoy, and maybe buy something. Life should contain love and joy.

Best Wishes, Lawrence Kramer